Priory of St. Bernard de Clairvaux

The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem ®


The Priory takes its name from St. Bernard de Clairvaux because of his ties to Templars during his lifetime. Saint Bernard de Clairvaux was born in 1090, at Fontaines, near Dijon, France; died at Clairvaux, 21 August, 1153.

His parents were Tescelin, lord of Fontaines, and Aleth of Montbard, both belonging to the highest nobility of Burgundy. Bernard, the third of aSt. Bernard de Clairvaux family of seven children, six of whom were sons, was educated with particular care, because, while yet unborn, a devout man had foretold his great destiny. At the age of nine years, Bernard was sent to a much renowned school at Chatillon-sur-Seine, kept by the secular canons of Saint-Vorles. He had a great taste for literature and devoted himself for some time to poetry. His success in his studies won the admiration of his masters, and his growth in virtue was no less marked. Bernard's great desire was to excel in literature in order to take up the study of Sacred Scripture, which later on became, as it were, his own tongue.

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Priory of St Bernard de Clairvaux



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